Support and enhance development of your technology platforms leveraging PaaS offerings like

AWS, Azure and GCE

Team Chat & Business infrastructure

RocketChat, Slack, JIRA, Trello






Core Development

Design and Engineering

Project assessments and solid design principles

Test Driven Development and Business Driven Development

Service Oriented Architecture development and tooling

Database development

Supporting Development

Testing and Deployments

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Jenkins, GitLab, TravisCI

Automated Quality Assurance Testing Suites

End to End Testing with report report generation

Monitor and optimize endpoint utilization

Emergency and Catastrophe preparedness, Technical Operating Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures

Cloud Migration

Platform assessment and migration planning

Consultation of differences and caveats that need to be addressed with moving to the cloud

Data migration, ETL processes and pipelines for legacy systems that can’t be migrated

Services and hosting migration

Cloud monitoring and alerting setup

Anti Cyber Surveillance

Provisioning of hardened virtual private networks for corporate resources

Setup access control alerting and reporting

Provisioning of hardened computers with either business environments or development environments

Cyber hygiene tools and training improving user security practices

Security audits and compliance testing for applications and tech platforms

Security audits and compliance testing user systems

Machine Learning Infrastructure

Data pipelining and streaming

Kafka, Spark

Machine Learning hosting and API creation

TensorFlow, SageMaker,

Big Data processing

Apache Spark, AWS EMR

Web Scraping

Machine Learning Engineering


Recommendation Systems

Natural Language Processing

Feature Extraction

Topic Modeling

Text Generation

Sentiment Analysis