Where Stratagem meets Praxis

We asses and recommend technology solutions and methods that sync and match with your business strategy

We use strict reliability requirements tailored to your needs and concerns

We Test and report project status and progress at every milestone

We document, write up and deliver all project implementations with appropriate documentation

Design and Planning

We work with you to identify the correct technical decisions to ensure your success

We enumerate all milestones and the labor estimates necessary to fulfill them

Your input and questions are valuable, we do not move beyond design and planning without your approval and sign off


Requirements are implemented using the best practice for the solution's life-cycle

Feature developments are tracked and reported keeping pace with implementation

Features are each tested, reviewed and then deployed for production


Acceptance testing conforming to your needs are evaluated on every step of implementation

Security best practices are baked in from inception. Your business is important and so is it's security

Continued Support & Future Projects

Solutions are developed to be maintainable and expendable

Additional feature extensions agreements are available

Services retainer agreements are available to support you